A native Illinoisian, Gabriele comes from a farming family, but was raised in small city for most of her childhood. She left the cornfields for more cornfields and attended majoring in a small liberal arts college to study Biblical Literature and Philosophy. Determined for adventure, upon graduation she left the Midwest to nanny for two years in Boston, MA, finding a love for public parks, the rocky coasts, and salsa dancing. She switched coasts for her MA in Spiritual Formation with an emphasis in Pastoral Counseling in Portland, OR. There she gained a love for hiking and biking. She found her way back to the Midwest to ‘Middletown USA’- Muncie, IN. She finds solace in the outdoors and wide open spaces wherever she can, yet delights in the diversity and opportunities of larger communities. She spends her current days caring for her for children and cultivating soul care wherever she goes.

Gabriele hanging out at her family's homestead. August 2020
Gabriele hanging out at her family’s homestead. August 2020