Turns out being forty isn’t half bad. Already, I sense my big girl panties fitting just fine and when you’re comfortable in your own clothes you’re better at taking no nonsense. I know and like who I am, I am happy I am me. Not a bad place to be at half life. Or 1/3 life? Who can know what the future holds? Maybe I’ll be one of those lucky 120 year centenarians to get a Smucker’s shout out. Do you know they say happiness (after taking a dip in mid life) just continues to increase?

Today, I am trying to convince my husband to let me buy a tree to plant. It’s on clearance, but spending money always makes him grimace and I always have a project. 🙂 But where’s the fun in life if you don’t spend a little MONEY?! I’ve successfully moved my outdoor plants in and we’re trying to prep for the LONG WINTER- which is actually at the moment, feeling like an extended summer/fall. Nearly each day my thermometer on my computer says “record high”. My fire ring in the backyard has been unused because who wants to sit by a campfire when it’s 70 degrees outside?

I want to a plant trees for my grandkids… time keeps on turning and we keep rolling down the river of time. Inflations high, but what’s the cost of not living, and not planning for a future? Not sacrificing now so there are trees to climb? As my dad reminds me, “the best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago”, well that and the fall. Look out yard, my shovels coming for ya.